1. 1.As specialist of kitchen equipment in confectionery industry

    There're many kinds of purposes & circumstance for adopting Baumkuchen, one is patisserie owner wanna improve gift sales, other one is other industry wanna start sweets as new business. We support selecting machines / equipment & designing kitchen layout from various viewpoints such as"Attractive kitchen & manufacturing scene", "Manufacturing original sweets","Efficiency improvement"and etc.

  2. 2.Developing your original sweets

    We meet your request, for example, "Our shop want to produce original Baumkuchen or sweets products utilizing strong points of our shop or using local proud ingredients." We support from manufacturing sample products and developing original recipes by our specialized staffs to training manufacturing the sweets.

  3. 3.Human development

    We instruct your staffs our know-how kindly about measuring ingredients, material preparing, baking sweets and packing products by training program met your requests if they have no experiment manufacturing sweets/baumkuchen.We are also ready to teach brand image for sharing spirit, concept and image of new project with project leaders instead of owner.

  4. 4.Proposing shop design and display

    We have produced many sales stages, creating the customer’s mind “want to buy”, and also creating the shop worker’s mind “we have strong confidence that our baumkuchen should be the best among any other shops”, “Anyhow please taste our baumkuchen”.

  5. 5.Designing package of products

    We propose package design expressed special emotion of senders, shop’s status and sense. We also propose not only design of package but also package material (boxes, paper bags, seals, etc.) and shop cards enclosing the package, and so on.

  6. 6.Maintenance machines

    Our maintenance team not only deal with your machine’s failure and trouble immediately, but also lecture daily maintenance work on your own. We also provide “Maintenance and inspection plan” for preventing troubles in advance and “baking sticks’ wood replacement” for preserving the quality of baumkuchen.


We support not only customers who have started sweets business but also ones who have no experience of sweets business and want to enter from different industry, from many aspects by gathering know-how for successful sweets business.