FUJI DESIGN SYSTEMA started in about 2000, the concept is shop design “We design shops from kitchen, it brings prosperity of sweets shop.” which we have concerned.

At that time, we were consulted about starting shops (shop design, sales concept creation etc.) by mainly patisserie owners, but discussion with them was divided into shop design and kitchen design. The owner discussed about shop and selling space with interior designer, in the other hand, he/she discussed about kitchen equipment layout considering flow line with us. Many shops were composed of only docking each space designed based on separate discussions. Finally, many shops we saw were different from owners’ image “I want to create such a shop” we had heard, for example, the image as if sweets speak to customers gently.

We have watched patisseries from kitchen side for a long time, so we have felt the point for successful shops are several elements which stimulate five senses, for example, pâtissier who decorating cakes, freshness of just finished cakes, smell of just baked sweets from oven…
We also considered that kitchen equipment dealers like us should design total shop layout (including both selling space and kitchen) which the attractive elements moved customers. When we are considering so, we had a fateful encounter – he was our friend and an interior designer. This moment was the birth of designer and equipment dealer collaboration team “FUJI DESIGN SYSTEMA” – the concept is designing prosper shop from kitchen.

The designer did not have much experience of sweets shops’ design, but we have advised and supported him about our know-how for sweets shops’ prosperity through each offered projects. His sensitivity created new patisseries’ design and image, and we, FUJI DESIGN SYSTEMA produced “different shops from conventional patisseries” and “Cool and stylish shops”. After that, the reputation of our produced prosper shops spread around, we supported a lot of domestic prosper shops and regional popular shops.

FUJI DESIGN SYSTEMA produces mainly Baumkuchen shops now, but we has evolved the concept “designing prosper shops from kitchen”. We have captured customers’ changing NEEDS, we have presented several WANTS, and we are making use of many kinds of producing sweets business for not only domestic customers.

2.Changing sweets business style

– Not only domestic patisseries but also new customers from other industries and foreign countries –

In 2010s, the word “SWEETS” became more popular in Japan by using the word on many media, and spreading information by internet and SNS have been developing as you know it.Thinking of the point where customers purchase sweets, patisseries are competing not only patisserie but also all companies concerning sweets business as the present situation.
In the situation, we were sometimes offered from customers in “other industries” – having no experience manufacturing sweets – they wanted to start sweets business as their new business. There were really many types of customers in “other industry”, they included customers in primary industry who produced ingredients such as fruits, eggs, dairy products, developers owning outstanding location, restaurants, constructors, home electronics dealers, personal independent business and so on. Naturally, all of their situations are different, and they entered in sweets industry with having both anxious and excited.

Our accumulated know-how by making business as a confectionary machines dealer for many years in Hanshin area, mecca of Japanese confectionary becomes the base of our proposals about developing products and selling ways as “the principles for selling sweets”. We supported building brands which had strong points of original ingredients, locations, stories, etc., and we could bring many successful business to many customers in other industries.

Moreover, Japanese present sweets level is so high in the world that the government spreads as Japanese excellent culture (“Cool Japan” policy). Customers all over the world ask us for starting Japanese sweets business such as Baumkuchen in order to seek Japanese “Kawaii”(= so cute) “Oishii” (=so tasty) sweets. We strengthen our supporting system including developing products using original ingredients at the site by researching culture and popular taste in each countries, advising manufacturing the products and selling ways so that we spread Baumkuchen and Japanese sweets to the world.

3.Expansion of our supporting ways

-The most important request for F.D.S is building brand.

It is not enough to propose only manufacturing equipment, designing shop / kitchen and developing sweets products for starting a sweets shop.

Designing logo for building brand concept,
Display proposal for present the brand in all over the shop
Designing package and paper bag passing to customers as final product
Pamphlets which customers want to show other people
Training system for manufacturing the products stably all the time
Developing human resource for shop managers and leaders building the brand by expressing owner’s spirit and concept instead.
The purpose of F.D.S is not starting sweets shop. Please visit Fuji Shokai in Kobe for the purpose of building long-loved main product brand, improving manufacturing efficiency, and educating your staff further.

4.MAGASIN – Sanctuary of Baumkuchen business

Formerly, Baumkuchen showroom in our office had only one oven and about 30m3 kitchen. We handled coming to our showroom for users’ consultation, new comers’ considering purchasing new oven / starting new business and developing new products.

We want to present our best proposal for customers visiting us on purpose!!

Based on the idea/ spirit, we renovated our office and showroom drastically in end of 2016. The “MAGASIN” (=means our kitchen and showroom) project started by gathering our know- how accumulated for more than 50 years.

Recently, we send customers coming MAGASIN the following message.
“Fuji Shokai is not a company selling Baumkuchen oven,
but we are the company proposing specific ways to bring your Baumkuchen business prosper.”

We brush up our skills for helping you further so that we can solve your problems such as selecting equipment, manufacturing process, selling way and human resource improvement in our MAGASIN.