Shinning together for desired happiness!

It is no doubt that our management circumstance is changing its structure by amazing speed due to the development of globalism, IT, IoT innovation, etc. It should become very difficult how we can see the future market needs and how we take action for such future needs, since the market getting more matured and diversification.

However, we have strong belief that we can be shining continuously if we can see future market needs in any period and can change customer’s strongness to the wants by principal for business success. Since such company should be needed for the business field. We are announcing our philosophy “Shining together for desired happiness” with our vigor to the world.

President Tetsuya Fujinami


We are proceeding forward in the world where is expediting difficulties by four elements by our experiences cultivated more than half century.

1. The first factor “Try it”
Bringing self-realization inside of our company
Existing for the customer by dream, target, and strongness

2. The second factor “Appreciation”
Appreciation for all the connection for 100 years company from the 50 years company now.
Surviving by such connection by altruistic mind.

3. The third factor “There should be someway”
Not to stick, not to fixate. Having optimism by positive mind and soft and free thought.

4. The fourth factor “Be myself, be yourself”
Not to minding the eyes of other people, eyes from society. Forwarding Independent single walk by own pace.

People can see himself if he takes other people as the mirror.
Physical growing is stopping in about 20 years old, but mind growing is continuing depends each person’s determination.

“Hero” can do only the things he can do.
“Ordinary people” do not do things he can do, and only wishing to do things he cannot do.

We want to be the company, always considering “what we should do now”.

President Tetsuya Fujinami


Trade name FUJI SHOKAI Co., Ltd.
Location 2-3, Takamatsu-cho, Hyogo-ku, KOBE, 652-0874 JAPAN
Contact by phone TEL:+81-682-1400
Representative Hideo Kawamoto, Representative director
Establishment April 3rd, 1967
Capital JPY 10,000,000-
Business context Manufacturing, sales and maintenance of confectionary / bakery machines Produce of baumkuchen business and sweets shops
Bank MINATO BANK Ohashi Branch
SMBC Kobe-Ekimae Branch
MIZUHO BANK Nagata Branch
Member organization Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hyogo Confectionary Association
Kobe Namagashi Association
Kobe Namagashi business society
Japan Food machinery Manufacturers’ Association
Japan bakery and confectionary machinery manufacurers’ association
Kansai confectionary, bakery and kitchen equipment association

Spreading Japanese mind to the world.

We want to spread Japanese people’s spirit and mind to the world through the Japanese confectionary “Baumkuchen”.
Japanese people’s individual mind works for humility and flexible way of thinking and can take flexible action for the things surrounding them. And it appears as Japanese people’s mind for casual and not decorated compassion. These individuality and characteristics are appearing simply in Japanese sweets especially in the making process of Baumkuchen.

There are unique deliciousness, fine kindness and taste in the sweets made by Japanese people.
I believe that the Baumkuchen which is made through the filter of Japanese individuality, can have many fans through over the world,

>We want to work for transmitting common concept of “Cosmopolitan” not to distinguish by country or by kind of people, by the power in the sweets connecting people!

This is the vision of our company “Fuji Shokai”.