Fuji Shokai Co.Ltd.

We propose successful sweets shops by our total support.

We, Fuji Shokai provides one-stop service from producing a new project, designing shop, selecting appropriate machines for you and delivery, business and training seminar, to follow-up included machine maintenance. All our staffs who participate in the project understand the concept which is the strategy for starting the project, and actualize highly complete prosper shops, having passion “we want to produce successful shops with you”.

Moreover, present sweets trend changes so fast. We will visit you constantly after business started, and advise “What should you do now” such as proposals for sales and profit improvement, sales promotion, productivity improvement by reconsidering kitchen layout, reducing working members and time. We support totally as “your partner”.

Fuji Shokai proposes “Designing successful sweets shop” based on our know-how which leads to a lot of prosper shops.


We give generous support not only customers in sweets industry but also customers entering from different industry.

  • cake

    Patisserie owners who want to begin Baumkuchen sales.

  • egg & milk

    Livestock farmers running poultry farm, ranch

  • rice

    Farmers producing rice, wheat

  • fruits

    Farmers producing fruits, sweet potatoes etc.

  • suvenir

    Roadside station or rest spot managing company which want to create specialty products

  • siteseeing

    Gift shop managing person/company in tourist spot

and more..

We support not only customers who have started sweets business but also ones who have no experience of sweets business and want to enter from different industry, from many aspects by gathering know-how for successful sweets business.