Fuji Shokai Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as “Our company”) considers it is very important to protect your privacy. Our company clarifies how we obtain, use and protect your personal information in our website as you can understand it in this page.

About personal information you provide to us

There is a possibility that you provide us personal information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. in some pages such as inquiry form, recruit application form and so on because we supply more beneficial service to you.

About purpose of use personal information

Our company uses personal information you provide in each page only for the purpose mentioned in the page.

About providing your personal information to third parties and secondary using it

There are some cases that our company notifies your personal information to third parties within necessary range depending on the service you desire in our website. In these cases, our company informs providing your personal information to third parties and gets your understanding on each case you offer using each service. Ex) our company may provide your personal information you entered to research companies in purpose of research of our company. Our company may also inform your name, address, etc. to delivery companies in order to send our reference documents. Except in the above cases, our company does not disclose your personal information to third parties unless our company gets your understanding. However, our company may disclose your personal information without notice in case of emergency to protect human lives and human rights, cooperating for offers based on law from a public institution such as a judiciary institution, police and etc., complying with the law.

About personal information management

Our company has strict data managements so that our company loses or damages your personal information you provides our company in our website. Our company also secures your personal information under the environment only our company’s website chief administrator can access, and takes strict security measures against leakage of your personal information or modification by outside. Our company supervises strictly outsourcing company’s managing your personal information in case our company outsources managing our website or work related to using your personal information.

About responsibility for you

Some pages in our website links other web sights, but you shall confirm managing your personal information in linked web sight by yourself. The responsibility of using our website lies with you. Our company takes no responsibility for any damage caused by using information you gained from our website or other website linked in our website by using your personal information. Our company may reconsider our privacy policy accordingly and modify it. Our company informs you in this page in case our company revises our privacy policy.