2019.05.20 cross industry opening

Michi-no-eki MOTEGI – Baum shop name “Yuzu-no-ki”

Official site:http://www.motegiplaza.com/kau.html#kau3

Motegi-town is depopulated area, the population is 12,000 and the average age is over 50 years old, but Michi-no-eki MOTEGI is one of six Japan leading Road Stations, “the models of Michi-no-eki in Japan” selected by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. Michi-no-eki MOTEGI is the-third-sector company, and Motegi town mayor, who is commercially-minded, is president of the company. Michi-no-eki MOTEGI is the location which is about 40 minutes drive from JR Utsunomiya station. There is other Road station on the way, but many customers pass the other Road station and visit MOTEGI on purpose. Why the customers go to MOTEGI?

The main consciously selected ingredient of MOTEGI is original Rice flour. MOTEGI adopted a rice flour manufacturing machine which has wet airflow grinding system. MOTEGI manufactures original rice flour from just-milled “Koshihikari” rice grown in Motegi town, and produces gluten-free baumkuchen made of only rice flour. Using just-milled “Fresh Rice Flour” which is wet and does not keep long emphasizes original good taste, material texture and rice flour’s story so that other companies cannot copy.

This baumkuchen project started from inquiry by call to us. We were inquired if we can renovate existing building ”Omotenashi information center” and produce sweets using original rice. We knew the town mayor’s personality and original story of Motegi town by repeated visit and research, and we, Fuji Shokai, made a total produce such as developing sweets products, designing selling space and package which expressed the story. MOTEGI opened a brand new shop “Baum Atelier Yuzu-no-ki” in 2016 as the 20th year anniversary. Especially, the shop had terribly high sales on holidays, it happened frequently that all sweets products were sold out in the morning when the shop was opened, and Baumkuchen has been the main gift of “Yuzu-no-ki”.



As specialist of kitchen equipment in sweets manufacturing industry

Proposing shop design

Designing package of products

Proposing display